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Modern Neighbourhood Maps

Fashion District Map, Toronto

Fashion District Map, Toronto

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Fashion District Neighbourhood

In the early 1900s, the neighbourhood looked very different from the hustling streets it's known for today. It was mainly a residential area until warehouses and factories began opening up.

The factories came for multiple reasons, including the nearby railways which connected the city and fueled its development as a commercial area.
Prior to being a fashion district, the neighbourhood had a very large Jewish population. According to this city document, 80 per cent of the city's population lived here.

Consequentially, Jewish businesses, synagogues and delis were found throughout the neighbourhood. It was also members of this community who worked in the garment industry, informally known as the "rag trade."
The community took advantage of being situated nearby warehouses, along with a growing demand for garments, and thrived in Toronto's fashion and textile industry.
The area became so well known for its factories, that it gained the name Garment District.

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